Renewing your membership

If you are interested in renewing  an existing or previous membership with the Press Club you can log in to our website using the login button at the top right of the site and then select "Edit/Update Member Profile" in the menu by scrolling "Join Us" on the menu.

If you're not logged in you will be prompted to log in at this time.

If logged in you should see a yellow box with your renewal info. Click the button to pay and follow the instructions.

Please take the time to click the "Edit profile" button at top left and update all of your information. You can do this before paying your dues or come back and do so after payment has been made.

NOTE: Alternately once logged in you should notice a small pop-up window at the bottom right noting that you have a membership renewal due. Clicking the balance due will also take you to the page to pay your membership online.

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